Vivicantith the World Reborn

Barren and desolate, fragmented and destroyed. These words are used to describe what had become of the world known as Vivicantith. Years of war and cataclysm sundered the world into chunks of floating islands. Those who were privy to the planes at the time gave comparison of it to that of Acheron and even then, those who had visited this world before its destruction assumed it to be a demiplane of Acheron. As time had passed and the occupants of this now broken world started to leave, a mysterious wanderer (a planar vagabond) approached the last remaining “settlement” if it could be called that. In the distance, he looked like a mere cloaked figure, but as the moments had passed; his figure began to grow in size as he took each step forwards. When he had finally reached the outskirts of the town, the residents looked on with amazement and horror. This being stood graciously with his massive stature over 70 ft tall.

From the crowd of people one woman approached the figure; garnering every ounce of skepticism and fear from this woman and these people. He conversed with the woman and offered them a deal they would be insane not to refuse: to reform their world, and with it, to be able to live their lives to the fullest. After a slight moment of hesitation and consideration the woman accepted the deal from this cloaked stranger.

The figure then stood up from kneeling and craning his head over to speak to the woman. He walked a bit away and started to tense up, welling up with a torrent of massive frightening black, red and purple power. As it reached an apex he looked down and for a moment his eyes were able to be seen. Sclera that were crimson and menacing with pupils that were white. What could be assumed as the leader of these people nodded towards him; as if they came to a mutual understanding about what was to happen. The torrent flowed down and engulfed the cloaked figure, who, with all of his might, slammed it down into what was left of the world. It began to crack and crumble, bits and pieces breaking off and floating up and disintegrating. The figure and the people on this small chunk of rock and dirt were untouched by what was going on around them.

A moment passes and the residents start to become irate, citing; “You just destroyed all that was left for us”, as he turns down to look back at them he catches eyes with what was assumed their leader. They both nod and he begins to start walking off into the nothingness that is now before them. Each step he took another burst of power set out like a drop of water in the ocean.

The land began to connect to the rock and it began changing color and warping. The world started flooding back to them as he walked away, each step binding it all back together. The leader dropped to their knees in tears and the others came by and asked why they were crying. The leader looked up at them and said, “I made the decision for all of us.” The others looked skeptical at this thought and questioned them for more answers, whose final words were “We are now the emissaries of Kelios, savior of Vivicantith. We will live until we die by another’s hands, we will reform our world with the power gifted to us and we will serve Kelios and this world until our deaths.”


As players you will need to begin the game with Character Creation, this world is “very new” having only started hosting new residents 150 years ago. The world is still small in comparison to its former glory. As such you will make a character that is more than likely from a different “world” or campaign setting, being that this campaign setting is a frontier of sorts. The campaign style will be that of a few options, first being similar to a Pathfinder adventure path with more freedom for side quests and the such. The other being a more free-form sandbox type game where the players say what they’re looking to do it more or less happens in some fashion. Both styles give players the opportunity to become anything they want to be, in the form of leaders with the use of the custom requisition system or just as roaming mercenaries.


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