Campaign Specific

World “Laws”

  • A being of true divine rank cannot walk the realm unless being inhibited by a “item of power”. If a being of this power does walk the realm without the “inhibitor”, the fabric of reality cracks and destroys itself around them
  • Outsiders are told as myths and legends, because of the circumstance or “payment” required with entering Vivicantith. The notion that outsiders are real is wiped from existence. As it stands, outsiders do not exist to the people of Vivicantith, and as such no native outsiders live here.
  • Coming back to life is exceptionally hard to do and as such no cases of the spells raise dead or resurrection have been used.
  • The material plane is not connected to any other planes except the transitive planes; ethereal and shadow. This means any spell that causes you to go to another plane or pull something from another plane besides the two noted above doesn’t function.

Changes, Alterations and Additions!


  • Experience costs on spells/crafting are removed (As per Pathfinder) and any 3.5 content that still requires it is substituted for a Gold:Exp ratio of 5:1
  • Half progression Caster Classes (eg Ranger, Paladin, …) are now substituted to have a caster level of class level – 3
  • Automatic Bonus progression will work as follows; PCs with Class levels gain it at their level, PCs with HD gain it at their level -2. NPCs gain it at level -1 unless they have racial HD then its -2, “boss” NPCs get full value. Animal Companions/Familiars gain it at half their HD/Levels
  • When the party reaches 5th level (or CR 5) the CR of monsters will be reduced by 1 and continue at a rate, providing more challenging content for the players.
  • All magical abilities (including spell-like, supernatural, spells, magic items, etc…) generate some form of visible, auditory, noticeable display. UNLESS precautions are taken in the form of metamagic feats to specifically block these displays, but this is mostly pertaining to casting spells and in some circumstances magic items.
  • Raise Dead and Resurrection take spell slots of 2 and 1 higher, (7th/8th) and True resurrection cannot be learned “naturally”, it must be found in a tome.
  • Templates
  • Coin based currency in this world are as follows: Copper, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Mithral, Adamantine and each coin is 10 times more valuable than the previous.
  • When attacking with weapons, if your strength modifier is higher than the hardness of the item you are using you deal damage to that weapon each time you swing it. This is done because you are putting more power and strength into the weapon than it was made for. Ex. If you swing a stick at a tree with a +6 str modifier, the stick will take 1 point of damage because 6 damage is being applied to it but its hardness is 5.
  • Epic skill checks that have a DC of 50 or higher are unattainable by non-epic characters. Even if they are able to make a DC of 51 or higher the effect of the skill check as proposed in the linked page does not function if the character is not lvl 20+
  • The Masterwork Potion Belt costs 60gp and allows a free action use of a potion once per round.





  • When dealing with “Unconscious creatures are automatically considered willing, but a character who is conscious but immobile or helpless (such as one who is bound, cowering, grappling, paralyzed, pinned, or stunned) is not automatically willing.” As RAW, Sleeping is considered helpless not unconscious.
  • When dealing with failed swim checks, when you are under water and fail again you sink 15ft, if you fail by 5 or more you sink 30ft. You may voluntarily add a 15ft to your move speed by swimming downwards.
  • Hiring NPCs
  • Breaking Things

Campaign Specific

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