Character Creation

Making your character

  • Character creation is as standard pathfinder, as the game is a Pathfinder+ game, most if not all 3.0/3.5 content will work aswell. If a anything of the same name and scheme exists in pathfinder you will be using the pathfinder version instead of the 3.0/3.5 version. Unless it is brought up and agreed upon, in which it will be listed here.
  • At the start of the game all characters will be 1st level, you cannot have a template or level adjust at the start of the game. When the party reaches 2nd level and your character happens to die (no retiring characters) you will be allowed to create a new character with a possible template. All decisions on templated/non-standard characters will have to be ran through the DM for approval first.
  • All starting characters must be Humanoid up to a maximum of 13 RP
  • When a player chooses to play a Monstrous creature. Treat the CR as part of their character level and then apply the rest of the class levels ontop of that. For example a Centaur is a CR 3 creature. A PC making a 12th level character takes Centaur and adds 9 class levels to it, effectively treating that as their 12th level character.
  • Templates will be using the following “buy” method Templates
  • Stats are using a Point Buy System and you start with 42 points (Scroll down and click Other to put 42) OR 4d6 drop the lowest, keep them where they lie and +1 to all. You may choose to roll first and then decided if you want to use the point buy.
  • Region/Setting specific feats or classes should be ran by the DM but most will work
  • All characters can choose to start with two traits
  • All characters start with a Requisition of 3, requisition doesn’t come into affect really until the players hit 3rd level. But it is of note that requisition is a resource tied to the character, therefore if the character dies, their new character starts with a base requisition of 3 again.
  • When creating your character your 1st level’s hit points are max.
  • When you start your character you will be receiving max starting gold. To determine your max starting gold look at your class’s starting gold and just determine the maximum value.

Leveling up

When your character eventually levels up, everything will be as it normally would except for the additions noted below.

  • Experience is tied to the player and not the character, meaning if your character ends up dying your next character will have the same amount of experience as you last left off with your other character.
  • Stat points on leveling up will be standard except if you decide to put a stat point into your lowest stat. When you do this instead of gaining a +1 to your stat it is instead a +2. For example if all my stats are 14 except con which is a 13, if i put my level 4 stat point into con it goes up to a 15 instead of a 14.
  • This game will be using the Automatic Bonus Progression. system alongside it. This means the players will not encounter items that grant enhancement bonuses to stats, on the plus side it also allows a player to be the reasoning for why a simple magic item becomes a greater magic item in their hands.
  • After 1st level when you roll your hitpoints you gain a +2 to the die roll up to your maximum. Meaning a 1d6 can get a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6.

Character Creation

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