Families and Houses


A family is a chain of ancestry that one can track not only their lineage but their family boons. When it comes to actual game benefits a family holds plenty, they can determine a number of starting bonuses and later bonuses.

Lineage Boons

Procreation has not only the benefit of bringing upon children and heirs but it also has the added benefit of potentially granting “Bloodline” bonuses. Depending upon both the Father and Mother’s character sheets at the time of procreation, they could potential pass down bonuses for their children. Bonuses of these type aren’t untyped, they are “Bloodline” bonuses and you cannot have more than one. If you have +1 to a stat and then procreation then gives you +1, they don’t add together they replace.


For parents to be able to grant a “Bloodline” modifier to stats, the average of both the mother and father’s stats have to start at a 16. Starting at 16 they are granted +1, and to achieve the next modifier they add what they’re going to, to the stat.
For Example +1 = 16, +2 = 18, +3 = 21 Etc…


Similar to that of stats except that the total level of class levels are what determines bonus feats. When granting a bonus feat the starting minimum is an average of 8 and to achieve the next bonus feat is triple the number of feats you’re going to added to level. For example +1 is 8th, +2 is 14th, +3 is 23rd etc..


Without being epic and undergoing an “awakening” your maximum bloodline modifier is +5 for your stats. And you have a maximum of 2 bonus feats. Undergoing an awakening grants the next “tier” of +5 to stats and +2 Bonus feats, you do not gain bonuses to stats and feats of +6 or higher if your lineage doesn’t already have those bonuses apart of it. For example if you have the lineage to grant +7 to a stat and undergo the awakening to access it you have “access” to +10 but are only granted +7 because that is whats available.


A house is a family that is powerful or of noble descent. They are in charge of or command the lesser houses to themselves that follow them. The lesser houses known as Vassal houses help to make the army of the main house. These are benefited in game by being loyal to the house despite the character not having the requisition to have them as followers/units. Its main benefit is to be able to call for aid when things are getting heated. A vassal house can choose not to heed the call but are then no longer supported by the main house, in such they can be wiped out and taken over and the vassal’s power given to another more worthy vassal.

Known Houses


Tribes are for the more savage races or tribal folk, they base their leader upon strength and combat ability rather then prestige, birth right or knowledge. There are generally much more members in a tribe than in a house and can easily outnumber armies if the tribes can put aside their differences and come together.

Known Tribes

Families and Houses

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