Books of Power

Grimoires are exceptionally rare items almost always containing some for of magnificent power. They bestow upon a person who uses them abilities, powers and changes that would never have been conceivable before. The contents of these books vary heavily upon where they’re found, who or what created them and the intensity of the power residing within the book. They have been known to grant Ancient and powerful spells, spells that have been twisted or warped to function differently from their intended purpose, or sometimes they contain Combat Maneuvers that are so unique they’d be mistaken for magic or psionics. Grimoires are similar to Tomes but on a different scale, the imparted knowledge is learned over time, from transcribing and learning bits and pieces of the ancient and mysterious language it is written in. It takes one week for each “level” of the ability stored within it, meaning some of the more powerful grimoires take months to learn their secrets. The learning process need not be consecutive as it can be learned a little bit here and there, but if any other person takes the grimoire and starts to decipher it, the progress you’ve made is lost. When an ability is bestowed from a grimoire it is treated as an inherent bonus and you are unable to learn two of the same ability (should two identical grimoires appear). The immense power bestowed from these books are very heavy on the person, they’re only able to maintain a couple at a time based on their character level. You may only have the ability from a number of grimoires equal to you level divided by five.

Grimoire’s Revealed

Grimoire of Dire Lion’s Roar®
This leather bound book has the embroidery of a lion’s head on the front of it. It words are written in yellowish gold ink on the dark silky pages. After reading this book for 3 weeks, it then imparts the knowledge upon its reader. Granting the ability Dire Lion’s Roar
Caster Level: 20th; Prerequisites: [Ruin] Market Price: 54,000gp
Dire Lion’s Roar – As a swift action, you can initiate this boost after you’ve reduced an opponent to 0 or fewer hit points. You and allies within a range of 60ft gain a +6 morale bonus on damage rolls for 3 rounds.

Codex of the Storm: Chapter 3®
This white leather bound book has an inset sky sapphire on the front of it. The words written within the book are of this sky blue ink on its well made pages. Inside this book contains the knowledge to learn the maneuver Third Facet of the Storm it takes the reader 6 weeks of reading and practicing to fully understand and learn the form presented in this book. After they finish their training they are able to utilize the power that has now been unlocked within them.
Caster Level: 28th; Prerequisites: [Ruin] Market Price: 86,000gp
Third Facet of the Storm – As a full round action, you can initiate this form. After initiated your body is covered in an unseen force of wind while lightning wraps around your hands and by extension your weapons and spells. All of your attacks gain +4d6 lightning damage and spells gain +2d6 lightning damage, in addition whenever you attack you may make an additional attack. This attack can be made along with a standard action attack or in addition to a full attack action, it is made at your highest base attack bonus. Your movement speed increases by 30ft as the wind propels you forward in sudden bursts. Also any creature entering within 20ft of you is treated as traversing rough terrain. This form lasts for 10 rounds and after it ends you are fatigued, and take 3d4 points of strength damage. You also cannot activate this form again until a week has passed or you are currently in a naturally occurring storm.


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