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Character Creation

This campaign setting uses mostly standard rules for character creation and leveling up, but for the whole process and for the additional bits you may want to check out the character creation page for more information.

Additional Systems

This campaign setting will use a number of additional systems, some may play a bigger role than others. It honestly just depends upon how the PCs want to interact with the systems for their usefulness to be determined.

Additional Information

We will be using Roll20 as the source for playing the game.

There are some aspects of Pathfinder+ that are changed or added into to make this campaign setting. They’re noted on the respective page.

  • The world is fairly new and is considered by all as the “new frontier” the world is mostly unexplored and no one knows what exists in this world. As for the timeline, the campaign will start the players off as the 13th wave. A gathering of people transitioning to a new world of unknown origin who happen to lose all memories pertaining to their world, only memories that stay with them are that of their family and the people they came through the gate with.
  • The game will be featuring Paths, Modules and Quests and a definition of each is as such.
    Paths – This is an overarching story, it is a major focus to the game. An example would be the Act 1-5 of Diablo, you complete a huge chain of events and move on to the next “act” or path. It is equivalent to 3-6 Modules.
    Modules – These are a series of quests, that fit together to make a side story. They are generally composed of 3-6 quests.
    Quests – They are small tasks that need to be completed such as “My dog went chasing after something in the woods” and you have to find the dog

Main Page

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