This border represents the creature as
it is written in it’s stat block. With minuscule
changes in the sense of automatic bonus
progression and other systems
This means the creature is modified
either beyond its original stat block.
It is a bit more powerful than the original
which includes added class levels,
templates or stuff like additional abilities.
This is a creature that has been modified
to a point where it is considered a major
challenge for the PC party. This one
creature could be the entire encounter,
it is powerful in comparison to the silver
This is a creature that is exceptionally,
modified. It is just on the cusp of being
epic and will be a equivalent to a major
encounter for the group even with
some NPC assistance.

When it comes for the PCs to identify how big a threat is, an out of game observation that is apparent to the players (but not their characters) is what border is applied to the NPCs. For instance a PC can use a Hero Point in order to give their characters the insight the immediately see when looking at the token. Which will help the character in understanding the challenge they are about to face. This allows

All PC related characters will be using a dark Greenish metal colored border.

And almost everything else will be using generic borders that can easily point out to the player the power of a creature.

Green Border: This is a NPC that has an affiliation with the PCs
Red Border: This is a special NPC

This is a “world boss” style creature, it is immensely
powerful. Clearly crossing into epic territory (CR21+). This type of
encounter is difficult even with NPC assistance.
Cracked Dragon
This is something that is guaranteed to be epic, it will be a
major challenge to a nation in terms of power.


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