Necrocraft (Bestiary 4 pg.200)

When making a Necrocraft that has more CP then normally given, its “effective” HD for creating and controlling is increased by +1HD for every 4 extra CP spent. For example a Medium Necrocraft gets 2 CP, but you use 6CP, it still has 4 HD but is effectively 5HD when controlling and creating.

Extra HD (Ex, 1 CP): The necrocraft gains an additional HD, a necrocraft cannot have more HD that its size category allows. For example a Medium necrocraft can have a maximum of 6HD and a Large can have a maximum of 9HD etc…
Extra Arms (Ex, 3 CP): The necrocraft gains an additional pair of arms, with it it gains an additional +2 to strength. This pair of arms does not come with any natural attacks.
Extra Dexterity (Ex, 1 CP): The necrocraft’s Dexterity increases by 2 but its Strength decreases by 2. This ability can be selected twice.
Gore Attack (Ex, 2 CP): The necrocraft was made with a number of horns on its head, giving it a gore attack.
Pincers (Ex, 1 CP): The necrocraft was made with large pincers at the end of one pair of its limbs, giving it two pincer attacks. This replaces any claw attacks or other natural attacks the limbs previously had.
Tail (Ex, 1 CP): The necrocraft has a long, powerful tail. This grants it a +2 racial bonus on Acrobatics checks made to balance on a surface.
Tail Slap (Ex, 1 CP): The necrocraft can use its tail to bash nearby foes, granting it a tail slap attack.
Sting Attack (Ex, 1 CP): The necrocraft possesses a long, barbed stinger at the end of its tail, granting it a sting attack. This grants it an injury poison DC of 10 plus HD plus Cha dealing 1d4 to a physical ability score with a frequency of 1/round for 6 rounds, cure 2 consecutive saves. Requires a Tail.

A Vampire is the iconic intelligent undead, the blood sucker that comes through the night. Except there are several base types of vampire to start with, the Nosferatu, Vetala, Psychic and the iconic Vampire.

  • From here there can be several deviations that change from vampire to vampire, they don’t drain blood they drain Spinal Fluid (Int instead of Con Drain), or Synovial Fluid (Dex drain) etc..
  • The vampire template (and vampires themselves) move speed becomes triple what the base creatures was.
  • Vampire Lords gain a similar bonus to their move speed, with a 150ft fly speed.
  • Dhampir are as per normal, except their base move speed is 40ft instead of 30. This is because of a Vampire’s unnatural speed in this world.


Agile Bones

Undead you raise or create are dexterous and more precise.

Prerequisite: Corpsecrafter, Nimble Bones
Benefit: Each undead you raise or create with any necromancy spell gains a +2 enhancement bonus to dexterity and a +1 to hit.

Hardened Carapace

Undead you raise or create have grown a protective layer.

Prerequisite: Corpsecrafter, Hardened Flesh
Benefit: Every undead you raise or create with any necromancy spell gains a bonus to their natural armor equal to 1/3rd of their HD. (Ex. a 9 HD undead gets +3 Natural Armor).

Life to Unlife

Undead you raise or create have the hardiness when they were alive.

Prerequisite: Hardened Carapace, Agile Bones
Benefit: Every undead you raise or create with any necromancy spell are created with their former class levels converted into undead hd. (Ex. A 5th level fighter is then changed into a 6 HD Zombie (5 HD from Class then +1 for size) )
Special: If this is used to create an undead that retains its class levels, it instead gains a quarter of its class levels as bonus HD, so a 5th level fighter turned into a skeletal champion now is a 5th level fighter with 3 HD (5 Class levels, 2 Template HD, +1 Feat HD)


Grim Zombie (CR +2)

If the creator casts haste or remove paralysis, and fleet in addition to animate dead on a humanoid corpse, he may create grim zombies.

HD: +2 additional undead HD
Speed: Increase the base creature’s land speed by 30 feet. The creature also gains a climb speed equal to half of the creature’s base land speed.
Defensive Abilities: A fast zombie does not gain DR 5/slashing.
Attacks: A grim zombie replaces any of the natural attacks (if any) with two claws, a bite and a slam. It loses all weapon proficiencies the creature may have had.
Special Attacks: A Grim zombie gains the following special attack.
Quick Strikes (Ex) – Whenever a grim zombie takes a full-attack action, it can make one additional slam attack at its highest base attack bonus.
Abilities: As a standard zombie, except its Dexterity is increased by 2 instead of reduced by 2.
Special Qualities: A grim zombie does not gain the staggered special quality. A grim zombie also gains the scent special ability.
Skills: A grim zombie gains a +4 racial bonus to survival checks to track by smell.


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